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Bitcoin Trend – Changing the Way You Trade

Bitcoin trading has been around for a while now, meaning we’ve all had enough time to digest it. Industry-standard practices have been established, and everyone has developed their own strategies. The Bitcoin landscape has very much begun to stagnate. At Bitcoin Trend, we resent that fact. That’s why we’ve developed a whole new trading system to try and get the ball rolling again.

Bitcoin, by nature, is incredibly innovative. It’s technology the likes of which the world has never seen before. As such, we feel like the culture around it should constantly be evolving, as well. Bitcoin Trend intends to make this happen by getting as many fresh minds into Bitcoin trading as possible. After all, you need new perspectives for progression.

In order to get new traders into Bitcoin in the first place, we’ve developed a trading system designed to help beginners get their feet wet. Our homegrown AI trading algorithm is the result of months of hard work, and the results that it outputs reflect that. We’re confident in saying that we’re the best first steppingstone for potential Bitcoin traders that there is. We’ve already helped countless people start their journey, and we hope that we can do the same for you.

Bitcoin Trend Technology

Our site is intentionally easy to navigate. It’s a constant issue that arises with other trading sites where it’s a nightmare to go anywhere. You have graphs, stats, and numbers everywhere with no rhyme or reason. This can be terribly intimidating for a new trader, so we’ve made a point of doing away with all of this.

Our user interface is sleek, clean, and easy to navigate. You’re never going to be given information that you don’t need, meaning you can focus on the stuff that actually matters. It’s not just our app navigation that’s technologically impressive, though. Our trading AI is one of the most advanced artificial intelligence programs ever utilized in the Bitcoin world.

We’ve created a system that not only allows our algorithm to read and manipulate numerical data but human data, as well. The system can recognize what other traders are doing, as well as what they’re saying on forums. It then assigns numerical values to these variables to use in its trading formula. By doing this, we’re including one massive oversight that other trading bots don’t use, and that’s the human element.

Bitcoin Trend App is Free for All

Our goal is to bring Bitcoin trading to as many people as possible, so it wouldn’t make sense if we put a paywall in front of Bitcoin Trend. That’s why our app is 100% free. There are no signup fees, subscription fees, or hidden charges of any kind.
  • We make a point of ensuring that as many people as possible get access to Bitcoin Trend App. Both our easy to navigate website design and our decision to offer the app for free is a part of that.
  • We’re partnered with a number of different trading platforms online. Our algorithm trades through these platforms.
  • It’s these partnerships that allow us to bring you Bitcoin Trend for free.

About Bitcoin

Perhaps you’ve just stumbled across this page. You would likely be left scratching your head wondering what Bitcoin actually is. In reality, Bitcoin is often overcomplicated far more than it needs to be. In its essence, it is a digital currency, similar to how you can buy things online with a dollar.

The difference, though, is the fact that you can’t withdraw Bitcoin. You can go to an ATM and take your dollars out of the bank; Bitcoin affords you no such luxury. It’s an entirely digital currency, which may actually mean more than you might think at first.

First, it means that the method by which Bitcoin is produced is significantly different from that of traditional currency. With the likes of the dollar, you have power centers such as government bodies and central banks pulling all the strings. These authorities decide how much money to print and when to print it.

The issue with that is a lack of regulation. You’ve probably noticed that a dollar today is worth a lot less than a dollar 20 years ago. That’s because there are so many more dollar bills in circulation that the value has been lost. Bitcoin doesn’t have that problem. It operates on a decentralized method of creation that is controlled entirely by an automated system.

As a result, there is never going to be a large influx of Bitcoin into the market. The production of new units is always going to be scarce, meaning Bitcoin is going to retain its value. This aspect of Bitcoin is why we also recommend that you don’t trade it like a currency. If you’ve ever traded on the Forex, then you might feel like applying those types of trading strategies to cryptocurrency is a logical move. After all, it’s just another type of currency. However, that’s a recipe for disaster.

As a result, of how Bitcoin is produced, it actually acts much more like a commodity than a currency. Thus, when you’re trading it, think of Bitcoin as digital gold instead of a digital dollar.


Bitcoin and Anonymity

The fact that Bitcoin is decentralized also means one other thing: it’s completely anonymous. When you operate within the mainstream banking system, everything you do is monitored. The banks and governments know where your money is going, when it’s going there, and what it’s being spent on.

Not only does this remove any notion of financial privacy, but it means that you’re leaving your entire wealth in the hands of an authoritative body. The federal government is more than capable of completely freezing or seizing your bank account. If there is a person out there that can decide you don’t get to spend any more of your money, then it’s not truly your money.

Bitcoin is kept out of these mainstream systems, allowing you to retain full privacy and control over your financials.

Bitcoin FAQs

We’ve gotten asked a whole bunch of questions here at Bitcoin Trend over the last while. The influx of new traders to our platform means that our community is made up of less experienced members.

To help those newer members out, we’ve put together a short FAQ down below, answering some common questions.

How do I store my Bitcoin?

Your Bitcoin is stored on what is called a wallet. Bitcoin wallets are storage devices that you install software onto in order to host your Bitcoin units.

You don’t need to get any sort of special equipment for your wallet, just a device that can store data. A USB, hard drive, or even your phone is enough to do the trick.

What are the two types of Bitcoin wallets?

There are two different types of Bitcoin wallets that are used by traders today: hot wallets and cold wallets. 

Hot wallets are by far the most common type utilized by Bitcoin traders. These wallets have a constant internet connection, making it the best choice for day to day transactions.

Cold wallets, on the other hand, do not maintain a constant internet connection. While this does mean that it’s a poor choice to use in your day to day life, it is a 100% secure option for long term investing.

If you plan on putting some money into Bitcoin and letting it sit for ten years or so, you would want to store it on a cold wallet.

Is there any other kind of Bitcoin?

Much like the dollar is a type of currency, Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. It is a subcategory.

There are other cryptocurrencies out there, but we don’t host them on Bitcoin Trend.

Bitcoin is the easiest of the bunch to get started with, so we decided to avoid the confusion that extra types of currencies could potentially induce.

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