About us

If you’re tired of hearing about Bitcoin in general, let us share a little bit about ourselves. Bitcoin Trend started up in response to the Bitcoin boom of 2017. This was a particular period in time when Bitcoin was attracting a ludicrous amount of mainstream attention.

The combination of large traders and news coverage becoming interested in the currency meant that the value of the coin snowballed out of control. Eventually, that snowball came crashing down. After that, it was only a matter of time before Bitcoin faded from the public eye.

People began to think that it was a fad, which was detrimental to Bitcoin’s public image. Even as Bitcoin recovered and returned to prominence, people were still hesitant to jump back on the bandwagon. Bitcoin Trend was a response to that hesitance. There is no reason to be afraid of Bitcoin at all. In fact, it’s more stable now than it ever has been.

That fact is why we’ve spent so long getting this app in working order. We aim to get Bitcoin back into every public home, and we’re not going to stop until we achieve that goal.

Developing Bitcoin Trend

Developing Bitcoin Trend was no easy feat. Our initial team started out small, although it grew significantly by the time we were ready to release. The first thing we needed to do was make sure that the skeleton of the app was functioning properly. Not only from a technical side but a functional one, as well.

We wanted our UI to be intuitive and easy for new traders to use, and that required rigorous testing. We spent several months making minor tweaks and adjustments until we had a product that we were happy with. Once that happened, though, we started focusing on our trading algorithm.

The trading algorithm was easily the most difficult aspect of our development cycle. Not only did we need to bring AI specialists on board for the project, but we needed to figure out how we actually wanted to build the bot in the first place. We knew that we wanted something special, something that would take the difficulty and research out of trading for our users.

We decided on a system that could read human interaction early on, but coding something like that was a whole other beast.

Creating the Bitcoin Trend algorithm took longer than every other aspect of production combined. It took well over a year of painstaking seven-day work weeks to get even the faintest of prototypes up and running.

Once we finally did have a basic working version of the software, though, things began to speed up. With a solid foundation to work off of, we began upgrading our system. Both the algorithm and the site underwent major overhauls.

We continued working and polishing like this for a few months until we were ready for a public release. Before we let Bitcoin Trend out into the wild, though, we knew that we wanted it to be beta tested.

We put out a call for Beginner Bitcoin traders and began handing out test versions of the software. The feedback that we got from this process proved to be invaluable when it came to finishing up the actual Bitcoin Trend program.

Releasing Bitcoin Trend

The team was all very apprehensive about the release of Bitcoin Trend. We had put so much work into this one single system that none of us were ready to have it face public scrutiny. We had a goal that we needed to achieve, though, so Bitcoin Trend was released regardless. Thankfully, that public scrutiny never came.

The feedback that we got after launching the system was overwhelmingly positive. Every day we were hearing stories about how beginner traders were using our platform to start their trading journey. The fact that we could provide that for so many people left us feeling honored and privileged.

The whole point of Bitcoin Trend from the very first day was to give new Bitcoin traders a starting platform to work from, and the fact that we were successful in doing that meant a lot.

We’re not stopping now, though. There are still countless other potential traders out there that still haven’t made that leap. We have no intention of resting until there isn’t a single soul left that isn’t aware of the benefits that Bitcoin trading offers.

We plan to continue supporting and developing Bitcoin Trend for the foreseeable future. We’re humbled by the community that we’ve already managed to build up here, and we plan to nurture that. We hope that you decide to become part of that community and learn what Bitcoin can do for you.